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  • Lanai coast

    A vision of sustainability

    In Hawaiian, Pūlama means to cherish or treasure. Pūlama Lānaʻi seeks to cherish the unique beauty and deep spirit of aloha on Lānaʻi by creating sustainable practices, cultural connections and economic opportunities that support our island and community.

  • Our Vision

    A self-sustaining, vibrant island community where people and future generations thrive.

  • Our Mission

    To build a sustainable future for the island of Lānaʻi by preserving our culture, building economic opportunity, stewarding our lands and investing in people.

  • Our Values

    E Ho‘ohanohano: Respect

    E Ho‘oha‘aha‘a: To be humble (in all we do)

    E Po‘okela: Excellence

    E Mālama iā Lānaʻi: To care for Lānaʻi as it cares for us

    E ‘Ike Pono: To be of good spirit and mind


At Pūlama Lānaʻi, we honor our island’s history and celebrate its future every day. Our employees on Lānaʻi and O‘ahu work with residents and businesses to achieve our bright vision together.

If you are passionate about culture, collaboration, sustainability, economic diversity, community engagement and land stewardship on Lānaʻi, we invite you to consider our open positions.

Check out employment opportunities and apply online with Pūlama Lānaʻi.

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We look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and questions about our work on Lānaʻi. Please contact Pūlama Lānaʻi using the form below.